Coffee trees in the tropics, like vineyards in temperate climates, flourish in the worlds most beautiful places. In fact, the great coffee growing regions of the world are home to many of the worlds finest surfing destinations. Surfers love travel, exploration and adventure, much of which takes place in exotic coffee producing countries. It was this spirit of adventure that attracted a young surfer to Panama a quarter century ago. With a degree in Natural Resource Management and a focus in Tropical Studies, the idea for Longboard was born.

A parallel passion for wine has shaped our approach to coffee and cupping. We spend at least one month per year in wine regions getting inspiration from our fellow producers in the wine world.

Surfers are notorious coffee drinkers. At most spots, the best waves are to be had early in the morning, before local winds and crowds develop. The early morning ritual of arriving at your favorite beach, coffee in hand, is known as “dawn patrol.” This sacred ritual would not be the same without coffee.

Like the art of longboard surfing, our approach to coffee combines tradition with innovation. Time tested methods of cultivation and processing, many of which have been eschewed by modern producers because of high costs and time consumption, are conserved while combining our own unique ways of bringing the bean to fruition.

The foundation of a great surf session is great waves- but they are not easy to find. The passionate surfer must learn every inch of their coastline, constantly studying swell, wind, weather, and tide conditions to ascertain where that perfect wave may be hiding on a given day. We apply this same passion to producing coffee. We have an intimate relationship with and love of our terroir, know every creek, valley and micro-climate, and are constantly studying our wind, rain and weather patterns to ascertain when and where to plant, harvest, fertilize, clear or prune. We employ the principles of biodynamics to help guide us through this process, in harmony with the cycles of the moon an earth.

The foundation of an outstanding cup of coffee is an outstanding bean. The bean is the canvass upon which the master roaster and subsequently the barista can paint his or her masterpiece. Providing that ideal canvass is our passion.

“Stoke” is a term coined by surfers to describe the wonderful feeling one gets after an amazing session in the water. Feeling so good “stokes” the fire of life within and brings a positive vibration to the remainder of the day. Like enjoying a special cup of coffee that delights the palate and stimulates the senses, stoke is both addictive and contagious. Whether at a bustling outdoor café, a sun drenched balcony overlooking the ocean, or at home, a very special cup of coffee simply stokes you.