Elevation: 1500-1700 mt
Area: 12 Hectares (currently 3-4 hectares planted, expanding by 2000-3000 plants per year)
Region: La India, Boquete
Varietals: Geisha, Pache, Pacamara
Orientation: Primarily south facing with some west with a combination of flat and gently sloping terrain.

With a kilometer long private drive rising steeply through lush cloud forest, just getting to Misty Mountain is a 4WD adventure. Once there the senses are overpowered with towering trees and majestic views of the Pacific Ocean or the Baru Volcano at every turn. The howl of monkey and call of bird immediately let you know you are in a wild place. We have built this farm from scratch, toiling for four years, carefully clearing lots by hand, leaving all large trees finding the correct mix of sun and shade and planting virgin soil with green tip Geisha grown on our own nursery at Fennario. It has been a very challenging and rewarding process that is ongoing as we continue to expand the plantation by 2000-3000 plants per year. We are finally beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labor as we cup the young Geisha- what a joy!.

The South facing orientation allows for several interesting conditions to develop. During the dry season, the coffee is not directly pummeled by the north wind. When not enshrouded in mist, the southerly exposure gently warms the air earlier the day. In the afternoons as early shade descends over the farm, the temperature drops notably quicker and nights get very cold, in the low 50s Ferenheit.