Region: Palmira, Boquete
Elevation: 1100 mt
Area: Under 1 hectare
Orientation: Relatively flat, slight easterly slope
Varietals: Caturra, Catuai

Acquired in 2003, Fennario was our introduction to coffee production. Instantly converted to organic production and run as a “serious” hobby for the first several years, this small holding has been transformed into a permaculture homestead producing not only an excellent coffee relative to it’s elevation, but an excess of organic produce including lemons, limes, juice and navel oranges, bananas, plantains, yucca, and other tropical tubers, all of which provide shade, nutrients, and wind protection for the coffee as well as habitat for bird and wildlife. While the neighboring farms are fumigating it is a spectacle to observe the birds seeking refuge at Fennario. Chickens are allowed to range freely beneath the coffee, helping to control insects while adding nutrients to the soil and providing eggs and meat to the homestead.

Although not one of our ultra-specialty coffees, the cup quality of the Fennario Wild Grown has improved markedly over the years, and we believe this to be a result of allowing the plant to produce its own inhibitory activity against organisms that cause plant diseases (flavonoids), and insects (caffeine). Mainstream coffee producers coat their plants and soil with chemicals in order to increase yield and protect the plant from disease, thus inhibiting the plant from relying on its own healthy immune system, leaving it to rely year after year on more chemicals. We have a large following of Fennario drinkers who will drink nothing else. A cup of Fennario is bursting with flavonoids and has a notably higher caffeine content than other similar coffees. It exhibits a bold body with strong chocolate and cedar notes, an excellent choice for specialty espresso or a classic representation of a European cup of coffee brewed strong.

With its dryer, sunnier micro climate Fennario is where all of our coffees are brought daily to be processed, dried, and stored. From the balcony at Fennario the view extends across the lush Boquete valley to the majestic mountains of Jaramillo directly onto our other farms, so we can keep a watchful eye on the conditions up there. As we expand, Fennario continues to be the model for our newer high elevation farms.