Each year, our collections showcase our passion for authentic expression of varietal and terroir. We see the many individual harvests and processes like colors on an artists’ palette. The collection is the final painting that depicts the vintage. Producing only a few thousand pounds per year, our coffees are among the rarest in the world, and continuously rank among the finest.
Longboard Geishas are consistently among the top coffees in the prestigious Best of Panama competition, qualifying year after year for a coveted place in the auction. In 2018, after receiving 6 th and 9 th place in the Geisha Natural category, the coffees went on to receive $101 and $216 per pound- the third highest price of the entire Auction and second highest producer. 2019 was no different, with the Longboard Windy Ridge Geisha Natural once again obtaining the third highest price of the entire auction and second highest producer, this time at $318 per pound. 2020 was our fourth year to qualify for the BOP Auction to be held in September.

“We feel great coffee is about nuance, surprise, subtlety, and expression, qualities that keep you coming back for another taste. We don’t focus on producing ‘big’ coffees. Rejecting a coffee because it is not big enough is like rejecting a piece of music because it is not loud enough.”
Although the tasting notes from each farm vary from vintage to vintage, certain characteristics prevail. Windy Ridge with its abundant sunshine tends to produce Geishas with deep notes of tropical and stone fruits, hints of green apple with a tart cherry acidity, round body and jasmine florals. Misty Mountain, a true “forest geisha”, tends to produce delicate citrus notes with flavors of tangerine, pink grapefruit and orange zest with a cranberry acidity, silky body and lemongrass florals.
We also produce limited quantities of excellent non- Geishas. From our Fennario Caturra-Catuai, Windy Ridge Typica-Catuai, to our Misty Mountain Pache, these lovely Traditionals offer the Longboard experience in an affordable price range. As a small producer, we are eager to work with small, specialty roasters and home roasters as well as individual coffee lovers.
Please contact us to order a sample set, a kilogram or a larger quantity of green coffee or roasted coffee. Take advantage of your coffee order to add one of our limited edition shirts or hats to your shipment.